BIRU Partnership

In the implementation of the BIRU programme, Hivos and Yayasan Rumah Energi builds partnerships with local organizations in nine provinces: West Java, East Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, Bali, Nusa Tenggara Barat (Lombok & Sumbawa), South Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara Timur (Sumba) and Lampung. Several types of partnerships within BIRU have been developed to build synergy and expedite the achievement of programme:

1. Construction Partner Organisation (CPO)

This is the main partnership scheme within BIRU programme. The partner role is to construct at least 100 units of bio-digesters in their area. The CPO to be selected should be able to manage at least one team of masons. The CPO is contracted by Hivos and has to abide by rules as established within this contract and adhere to strict standards of quality. The institution chosen to become a construction partner should have connections with farmer group(s) to obtain the market, for instance with a dairy cooperative. Click here to view profiles of the existing BIRU Construction Partners in Indonesia.

2. Lending Partner Organisation (LPO)

The main role of a lending partner is to provide credit to farmers who wish to build bio-digesters. Financial institutions interested in working with the programme in credit provision to farmer households to cover biogas investment costs can participate by becoming a LPO. This may include the national banks, regional banks and microfinance institutions including diary cooperatives with a savings & credit division (offering the possibility of deducting repayments through milk payments). Click here to view profiles of the existing BIRU Lending Partners in Indonesia.

3. Construction and Lending Partners Organization (CPO & LPO)

This type of partnership is a combination between providing services to bio-digester construction and micro-credit to the potential users. Dairy cooperatives like many in East Java which have the capacity to conduct bio-digester construction and at the same time have an established micro credit funding and system, is encouraged to play its functioning role as both CPO as well as LPO. Click here to view profiles of the existing BIRU LPO and CPO in Indonesia.

4. Training Partner Organisation (TPO)

The TPO is expected to provide training in construction training and other areas that are deemed relevant to support the implementation of the programme.

Interested to become BIRU partner?

Send email to [email protected] or contact BIRU office in the region closest to your work area. BIRU office addresses can be found here. Not all requests to become BIRU partners can be fulfilled. BIRU has the full right to refuse the application of potential partners if the partnership is considered not to contribute to the progress of the programme