Construction Partners

CPO (Construction Partner Organization)

In implementing the Indonesia Domestic Biogas Program (IDBP) or known as a BIRU Program, Yayasan Rumah Energi has a partnership program to become the field’s implementing team. To maintain the sustainable function of the reactor working very well it requires trained personnel in carrying out construction and supervision.

One of them is commonly referred to as CPO (Construction Partner Organization) as a construction partner for the BIRU program. Besides being responsible for the biogas reactor’s construction process, CPO is also responsible for controlling the quality of the reactor.

CPO membership must be followed by institutions that have legal / permits. Typically, CPO partners consist of district cooperative units, foundations, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The role of CPO is useful for creating jobs for the community to build their biogas reactors and stimulate the biogas market in Indonesia. The BIRU program’s CPO partners have been spread across eleven provinces, namely Lampung, West Java, East Java, Central Java, D.I Yogyakarta, Bali, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, and South Sulawesi.

Apart from being responsible for the construction or construction of a biogas reactor, CPO is also directed to provide training to biogas users so that they can make the most of biogas. This scheme aims to maximize the benefits of biogas as a renewable energy technology with a zero-waste concept and increase the economic value of the user’s family.

The following is a list of CPO incorporated in ten provinces:

  1. KAN Jabung
  2. CV. Karsa Tekad Mandiri
  3. KUD Tani Wilis
  4. CV. Mitra Bumi Abadi
  5. Rumah Ilham
  6. KUD Sumber Makmur Ngantang
  7. UD. Cahaya Wana Bakti
  8. UD. Bontomarannu
  9. CV. Ritma Green Sinergy
  10. CV. Nur Indah Karya
  11. CV. Rezky Utama Masagena
  1. Mandiri Mason Group
  2. Mitra Sarana Kuba Mason Group
  3. P4S Shafana Cakrawala
  4. Mabarakka Mason Group
  5. KSU Bulu Saukang
  6. Yayasan Sastra Loka Samgraha
  7. Yayasan Manikaya Kauci
  8. CV. Reihan Putra Palbon
  9. Grup Tukang Sangkareang
  10. Grup Tukang Paroso
  1. Grup Tukang Man Jadda
  2. CV. Wahana Rizki
  3. CV. Palapa Abadi
  4. CV. Riski Abadi
  5. Perintis Mason Group
  6. Koperasi Jasa Peduli Kasih
  7. Solihin Group
  8. Nurdin Group
  9. Generasi Bumi Mason Group
  10. Regol Mason Group

CPI (Construction Partner Individual)

CPI has the same work scheme as CPO (Construction Partner Organization). The only difference is in the form of membership. If CPO must be in the form of an organization or institution, individuals can be CPI. This individual will later be able to work together with other individuals.

CPI will also be responsible for the construction of the biogas reactor. Furthermore, CPI is also tasked with controlling the quality of the biogas reactor. Because the work is quite heavy, usually those registered as CPI are former CPO partners of BIRU Program. Thus, the CPI already knows the ins and outs and how to work as a BIRU Program construction partner.

To become a CPI, the steps are almost the same as CPO, namely showing interest in the Yayasan Rumah Energi team, then filling out the business plan form and potential partners’ profiles.

Currently, there are two registered CPI in Central Java. Such as:

  1. CPI Berkah Energi
  2. CPI Lentera Energi