– How to become a construction partner for the BIRU program?

  1. Potential partner partners expressed interest and contacted Yayasan Rumah Energi. Yayasan Rumah Energi will ask for a profile of the institution and ask to fill out a predetermined business plan form.
  2. Submit documents to Yayasan Rumah Energi
  3. Yayasan Rumah Energi team will send the document to the PC
  4. The PC team selects records and conducts interviews with potential partners
  5. PC will provide recommendations then Yayasan Rumah Energi team will contact potential partners

– What are the terms and conditions for becoming a BIRU program construction partner?

  1. Institutions or organizations that are legal entities and have bank accounts in the institution (not individuals) and the institution’s NPWP.
  2. Committed to building a biogas market in the region
  3. Has the same working area as the BIRU program area
  4. Have adequate construction personnel
  5. Have a business plan for the construction of a minimum of 100 domestic biogas reactors for the first year
  6. Have collaborated with government agencies and or companies in CSR programs (preferred)
  7. Willing to comply with the requirements put forward by BIRU and ensure that the biogas reactor standard is built according to BIRU standards
  8. Signed a cooperation agreement with YRE, as the implementing agency for the BIRU program

– What are the duties and obligations of construction partners in the BIRU program?

Apart from building a biogas reactor, construction partners are tasked with maintaining the biogas reactor’s quality. They are also working with financial partners and training partners to create training programs and procurement programs for biogas technology. It could be said that the construction partner is responsible for the biogas reactor in the field.

– What are the benefits of being a BIRU construction partner?

BIRU construction partners will get several financial and non-financial benefits. First of all, the benefits you get when you join BIRU are knowledge about renewable energy and biogas.

In addition to knowledge about biogas technology, construction partners will also learn about the use of bio-slurry. The utilization of this bio-slurry will be useful to increase the opportunity for additional income as well.

BIRU’s construction partners will also get a margin profit, namely the financial benefit obtained from the difference in the biogas price in the market. Besides, for each project bid from the government, the BIRU program will propose a construction partner as one of the implementing teams.

– Who can be a BIRU construction partner?

Anyone can register and become a BIRU construction partner as long as they meet the requirements above.