Bio-Slurry Maintenance

For biogas users, there is no need for premium costs and processes to get bio-slurry. On the contrary, biogas users who are also breeders or farmers will get many benefits from this biogas or bio-slurry waste.

Besides the easy process of obtaining it, bio-slurry also does not need a complicated maintenance process because all functions have run in the biogas reactor and come out ready for use.

When in the reactor, all biogas raw materials in the form of manure and organic waste have been processed to produce methane gas to produce biogas. After the sewage and organic waste no longer have gas, all raw materials will exit through the slurry outlet to the slurry pit or slurry storage area.

From this slurry pit, the slurry can be used as animal feed and fertilizer. The dirt and organic waste that has entered the slurry pit no longer contains odors because all the gas has been processed into biogas. Usually, users make a cover on the slurry pit to not be exposed to direct sunlight.