Vacancy: Consultant for IDBP Carbon Monitoring

Consultant for IDBP Carbon Monitoring

In 2020 Hivos Global has invited Yayasan Rumah Energi to be the co-applicant of the monitoring and verification of emission reduction to Gold Standard. YRE had been involved in the development, monitoring, evaluation and assisting the Biogas User Survey (BUS) annually. Starting from 2021 onwards, the management of carbon credits will be handed over to YRE as the field implementor.

Each year a carbon monitoring and user survey, including a usage survey, is conducted. Fuel consumption is measured by the Kitchen Performance Test (Baseline and Project Fuel Test). The results from the Baseline Fuel Test are valid for an entire crediting period. The results from the Project Fuel Test need to be updated after 24 months. As the last Project Fuel Test was conducted in December 2019, the results from this Test can be used for verification of emission reductions in 2021.

YRE seeks assistance for the monitoring and verification of emission reductions in the monitoring period 1 January – 31 December 2020.

Duration of Contract : 20th of December 2020 to 31st of October 2021
Deadline submission : December 12th 2020
Document required : Proposal with detailed budget proposed


  • Both national and international Individual consultant and a consulting firm (“Consultant”) are invited to lodge their bids for the project.
  • A master degree in the field that is relevant to the objective of the study including but not limited to engineering, finance, environmental studies, energy, etc.
  • At least 10 (ten) years of experience in conducting emission reduction monitoring and verification under Gold Standard SDG
  • Excellent oral and report writing in English

Scope of Work
The support services requested in relation to the monitoring and verification of emission reductions in this Monitoring Period shall include the following:

  • Review methodological proposal for Carbon Monitoring and Biogas User Survey and Usage Survey (including sampling method and survey tools)
  • Review Biogas User Survey report
  • Assist with identification and selection of the Validation & Verification Body, VVB (formerly known as Designated Operational Entity, DOE)
  • Drafting of the Monitoring Report for both VPA1 and VPA2 using the template from Gold Standard for the Global Goals (either two reports or combined in one report, whichever is most convenient)
  • Preparation of the emission reduction calculation spreadsheet
  • Reply to VVB comments
  • Follow up with VVB and SustainCert (formerly GS) to keep track on the progress of result
  • Reply to SustainCert comments after a 4-week review period.
  • Prepare an update of PDD of PoA and VPAs with adapted monitoring plan to Rule Update for usage survey requirements published by the Gold Standard on 27 October 2020.
  • Communicate intensively with YRE and the third party as necessary

The details of each of the aspects are as explained in on this document. Download link.
For proposals and budget details, submit to

3 December 2020