“The Journey to 15,000 Domestic Biogas”

“We are celebrating the 15,000th biogas of the BIRU programme this morning,” Mr. Robert de Groot, the Coordinator/ Programme Development Manager of Hivos Southeast Asia (11/20/2015).

During his speech, Robert de Groot once again reiterated that West Java areas is one of the area which is the target point of BIRU programme to put the manures to use and turn it into biogas.  “Here (in West Java) there are plenty of dairy farmers, and the exploitation of bio-slurry will provide numerous benefits for local dairy farmers.

During these activities, the farmers appeared to be highly enthusiastic when listening to the explanation on how a biogas reactor works.  This simulation is equipped with a biogas reactor installation with 1:1 ratio.   It means that the activities will enable the attending cattle farmers to easily understand the methods of a real life bio-slurry exploitation.

The Head of Pangalengan Village in West Java very much welcome these activities which allow the local farmers to receive useful information for their future endeavours.  “I wish to extend my appreciation to the Domestic Biogas representatives, in which they have demonstrated a simulation to the local farmers, the know how on putting the manures to use,” Tati Yuliani said.

This event has been further enlivened by local arts performance such as the performance of typical Sundanese musical instruments and the performance of Pencak Silat martial arts and concluded with the distribution of doorprizes for the lucky winners.

The BIRU Era is the New Era

It is worth noted that by using this alternative energy resources, we have participated to maintain global environmental sustainability and help to reduce the use of fossil fuel, which produces higher emission.

Just the way Mr. Robert de Groot, the Coordinator/Programme Development Manager of Hivos Southeast Asia elaborated.  “BIRU era is a new era, this innovation is remarkable for the entire biogas users.  Biogas has participated to support the Government’s programme to reduce the use of fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emmissions.”

Local farmers here are expected to join the programme and show their commitments as Domestic Biogas (BIRU) users while they will also enjoy many benefits.  These benefits include, easy after sales service, optimum cooking for ready to consume foods using biogas, and Fertilizers produced by bio-slurry have enabled the cultivation of quality crops.

The Director of Energy, the Directorate General of New and Renewable Energy, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Ir. Tisnaldi said “It is worth noted, that energy processing normally generates waste products.  In the case of BIRU it is the other way around, we in fact turn the waste into an energy.”

He elaborated that this BIRU event is very much important to be organised here, in Pangalengan area, West Java as this area is the highest producer of dairy products.  Certainly, this cattle waste product are widely available here and may be properly utilised by using BIRU.  “The potential of BIRU here in Pangalengan is huge, and is expected to support the energy requirements in a place where BIRU energy is being developed.”

This event at the same time is the venue of book launching entitled:  “Biogas:  Turning Waste Products Into a Blessing,” as well as an event to award the BIRU partners in Indonesia with excellent achievements.  The awards include among others  Best Quality Construction Partner (The Best Constructor) was awarded to I Made Sutisna, the Highest Productivity Construction Partner was won by Wahyudi, while Construction Partner with the Highest Standard Quality was awarded to Nadisme Lasykar Muhammad from CV. Bina Mandiri Persada.

3,000 Cattle Farmers in Pangalengan Start to Glance at Domestic Biogas

Pangalengan Village, West Java, has been known throughout this time as agricultural, estate crop, and cattle farming village.  More specifically, Pangalengan is well-known as the producer of dairy products.  It is no wonder, that the celebration event by Domestic Biogas (BIRU) programme is organised in this village given its huge potential to be BIRU users.

Cattle farmers in Pangalengan village, demonstrated their extraordinary attraction to this alternative energy resources.  The same information had been presented by Tati Yuliani, the Village Head of Pangalengan, West Java.  “They are highly enthusiastic to have the BIRU reactor installed.  There was someone who asked me how to start becoming a BIRU user.”

Tati Yuliani expressed her support and appreciation toward the event organisation.  Additionally, the installation of bio-slurry reactor will contribute to Government’s programme in reducing the use of fossil fuel energy and thus reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses.

“I am very pleased that this village has been selected as the venue for BIRU socialisation, as there are 3.000 cattle farmers in this village and the potential to be BIRU users is huge.”

19 January 2016