Indo-EBTKE Conex 2014: Time to Deliver Clean Energy for the Nation

Boediono said, that the renewable and conservation of energy are the insurance for Indonesia to be independent in its energy needs.  With an annual growth rate of average energy consumption of 7%, the fossil energy supply has been confirmed to steadily decline.  In order to avoid full reliance on this fossil based energy, the Government of Indonesia has planned to rely more on renewable energy resources on a large scale to fulfill its energy needs by the year 2025.

Since its first launch, Indo-EBTKE Conex has been positioned as one of key sectors among similar activities at the national level to enhance the awareness level of the public and search for active participants in exploring for the solutions over energy supply issues being endured today.

The understanding on the importance of renewable energy and conservation of energy in conjunction with the contribution to reduce the issues related to energy supplies, have only been recently promulgated on a wide scale despite the positive impact of renewable energy and conservation of energy enjoyed for a long time.  However, the awareness level of the public to switch to renewable energy instead of fossil fuel remains low.  On the other hand, Indonesia is blessed with enormous potential of renewable energy, awaiting exploitation.

In order to support the enhancement of public awareness, BIRU program has actively participated in Indonesia EBTKE Conex 2014.  Together with Sumba Iconic Island (SII), BIRU has placed itself in one of the exhbition corner and distribute information on the implementation of BIRU and SII programs as well as technologies developed as a source of renewable energy.  Visitors not only may ask questions, but they will also receive merchandise for participating in the games played in the booth.

6 June 2014