Mason and Supervisor Training, Lombok, 09 – May 16, 2011

BIRU Program (Domestic Biogas) will conduct training for masons and construction supervisors partners in Lombok. Training will be conducted for seven days, starting date of 09 May to 16 May 2011 in the village of Kekait, Gunungsari District, West Lombok Regency.

After receiving training, participants are expected to gain knowledge and technical expertise appropriate to build a biogas reactor in accordance with the standards and have an understanding of quality standards as per BIRU requirement. During training, one unit of biogas reactor to be built that will also serves as a means of promotion for the expansion of BIRU in the northern part of West Lombok.

This training will be attended by 23 persons composed of 18 masons and 5 supervisors, from YSDM (Mataram), KPRI Prisma (West Lombok), YM3S (East Lombok), and YSLPP (West Lombok).

The BIRU program began implementation in August 2010 working together with three construction partners (CPO); PSP-NTB, YM3S and YSLPP. Until April 2011, BIRU has trained 31 masons and 9 supervisors and built 98 units of biogas reactors. BIRU in Lombok targets to build as many as 375 units of biogas reactors until the end of 2011.

2 May 2011