Training of Trainers for supervisors

On 26 and 27 April 2011, Training of Trainers for the user manually conducted in Solo, Central Java. The participants of the training were supervisors from seven BIRU Construction partners in Central Java and Yogyakarta, among others, Paluma, SPTN HPS, LPTP, KUD Mojosongo, CV QT, Postra, CV. Graha Utama. It is expected that after this training, supervisors can conduct training on operation and maintenance for users who have utilize the BIRU reactor.

On the first day of training, participants were trained on how to operate and maintain the BIRU reactor based on User manual handbook. On the second day, participants were trained on how to utilize the bio-slurry for household use.

Until the month of April 2011, BIRU in Central Java/DI Yogyakarta has built almost 200 units of BIRU reactors.

2 May 2011