Turning Sukoharjo Blue

Sukoharjo’s Mineral and Energy Resource (ESDM) Officials held socialization, themed: “With Domestic Biogas, Let’s Develop Renewable Energy Source in Controlling the Impact of Global Warming.” This event is fully funded by Sukoharjo’s General Development District Official and was held for two days, Saturday, 27th February 2011 and Monday, 28th February 2011, and involved nine sub-districts in the Sukoharjo District.

“Through this activity, it is hoped that the community are able to utilize a substantial amount of dung potential in Sukoharjo,” said Mr. Giyanto as the person in charge of the Mineral and Energy Resources’ (ESDM) Energy Sector. The socialization was attended by 72 participants consisting of government representatives as well as livestock groups. The event was also attended by two of BIRU’s development associates – Rural Technology Development Institute or LPTP and CV. Utama Graha.

At the moment, Sukoharjo already has a BIRU demonstration plot which also functions as a promotional tool. “BIRU’s demplot reactor is located at Sidorejo Village, Bendosari, Sukoharjo,” said Mr. Bambang Irawan as ESDM’s energy sector staff of Sukoharjo District.

“Sukoharjo’s government supports the BIRU program and hopes that this cooperation will be further enhanced,” said Mr. Willhelmus Leang, a Provincial Coordinator of Central Java and DI Yogyakarta. In the future, socialization will be held as part of the BIRU program’s efforts in “BIRU-ing Sukoharjo.”

Until now, 141 domestic biogas units have already been built in Central Java and DI Yogyakarta provinces. Constructions have been executed by seven of BIRU partners who are: LPTP, Mojosongo KUD, Qariyah Thayyibah, SPTN HPS, Paluma Foundation, Postra and CV. Utama Graha.

(MR/BPO DIY Jateng)

10 March 2011