”Even regular dung can be used for cooking, let alone processed biogas fire”

There was something different about BIRU’s socialization at Ngrambitan, Blora last 9th of February. Socialization was quite festive and intimate as it was interspersed and humored with jokes by ketoprak performers. “In our village, ketoprak culture is still maintained, even our community leaders are used to playing their roles,” said Mr. Sukar who was the Head of the Ngrambitan Village.

This socialization was held by one of BIRU’s partners, CV. Utama Graha in order to introduce the BIRU program in Blora. According to Mr. Sukar, the BIRU program has been greatly beneficial to the community especially in preserving environmental health. According to his experience, the community used to utilize cow dung to burn cassava in fields.

“We even used to burn cassava using regular dung and it tasted great, let alone if it’s processed with biogas,” he added. The result of the socialization had agreed on building one domestic biogas unit which is due for construction on 14th of February 2011 as a pilot model for the Blora area. It is hoped that after the community sees proof and experience the benefits of biogas, the BIRU domestic biogas program can be accepted and realized in Blora.

(MR/BPO DIY Jateng)

21 February 2011