Maintaining the Community’s Trust

Mr. Sabri, a resident of the Bagek Payung Village in East Lombok, waits with suspense. It has been four days since the first initial feeding process of the biogas reactor that he built. Should all go well, today he’ll be able to start using the cow dung biogas-fueled stove for cooking and other purposes.

For Mr. Sabri, the decision to build a reactor has had quite severe consequences, given that he had to dispense a considerable amount of money for a small farmer. Not to mention the time and energy spent in the making. Therefore he has high hopes for the reactor to be able to function well. As it turns out, his proud-worthy and much anticipated moment had not materialized, as his biogas reactor didn’t seem to function, leaving a deep sense of disappointment.

Soon after, YM3S, the institute responsible for the construction of Mr. Sabri’s reactor began to investigate probable causes to the reactor’s malfunctioning. After going through a long and thorough examination – checking the pipelines and its connections, gas valve and dome – it was discovered that the reactor had leaks in its dome.
The only way to fix the reactor was by patching up the leaks from inside the reactor, which meant that the reactor needed to be drained. Heavy duty work awaits.

YM3S works hard and is committed to maintain the program’s image as well as the institute’s credibility in front of the community. Within a time span of four days, the reactor was cleansed of feces and the dome was fixed from inside by experienced handymen.

The results were far from disappointing. On the fourth day since the refilling of cow dung, Mr. Sabri’s reactor functioned well. “I’m happy, now my reactor can be put to good use. YM3S and the BIRU program have fulfilled their promises in providing the best service for the community with the fixing of my leaking reactor. Thank you,” stated Mr. Sabri with a smile on his face.

(MAI/BPO Lombok)

9 February 2011