Acknowledgment for environmentally sound partners

In mid December last year, groups of dairy cooperatives whichs also suppliers of the main raw material for PT Nestle Indonesia’s products gathered in Batu, Malang, East Java, for an annual program. The event elaborated the progress achieved by the East Javanese suppliers represented by units of koperasi or small private ventures.

As usual, the dairy company’s Manpower Planning Division made giving out awards as part of the agenda. However, unlike in previous years, this time the awards were given not only in categories related to the improvement of dairy production and the quality of cattle feed. A new category was created: Environmentally Sound Partners.

The new category is closely related to the cooperation between Nestle Indonesia and BIRU program in East Java. In this working tie, BIRU takes the roles of technology provider, quality standard assessor, and developer of new ventures in several koperasi that supply dairy produce, while Nestle Indonesia provides loans.

Through the sustainable biogas development program, 24 koperasi in East Java that have provided biogas loans to its members. The number makes up nearly 65 percent of the total units of village koperasi (KUD) or similar groups that sent their representatives to this annual event.

The assesment for the “Environmentally Sound Partners” category was based on BIRU’s database. From this data bank, the percentage of koperasi members that own biogas reactors and the default number of koperasi that have acted as BIRU’s Chief Program Officers (CPO) were calculated. It also showed which koperasi have been in support of the utilization of bioslurry for agriculture.

From the 37 koperasi or private units present, KUD Karya Bhakti Ngancar from Kediri, KUB (Cooperational Venture Group) Sami Mandiri from …, KUD Kertajaya from …, and KUD Semen from Blitar came out as winners. Each group would receive 50 biogas lamps.

Sugeng Wiryo, a veterinarian and BIRU’s CPO Manager for KAN Jabung, Malang, said: “It is about time that PT Nestle [Indonesia] gave out awards in relation to the development of biogas. As many as 33,000 cattle farmers supply approximately 650,000 tons of fresh milk each day. The side effect is the production of at least 1,320 tons of cow dung very day, which is very likely to pollute our rivers. BIRU has been the right solution for cattle farmers, koperasi, and Nestle.”

25 January 2011