A Bold Step to Use Bio-slurry Leads to a Satisfactory Production

A bold step to be the first, probably is the correct description to illustrate the action of Mr. Rohmat who lives in Wonosari Village, Sukamaju Subdistrict, North Luwu District, South Sulawesi Province. He earns a living as a farmer and cattle farmer with 3 cows kept on a cow shed in his backyard. He also operates a 4-cubic meter Domestic Biogas (BIRU) installation obtained through joint financing among provincial government through the Office of Energy and Mineral Resources of South Sulawesi Province, Hivos/Rumah Energy, and self-financing by Mr. Rohmat.

Out of 45 household operating biogas installation in Sukamaju Subdistrict, Mr. Rohmat is the only one who utilizes bio-slurry or biogas sludge as organic fertilizer for his farm land. He applies bio-slurry on his vegetable crops such as Indian mustard and water spinach planted on the side of his yard. In addition, he also uses bio-slurry to fertilize his corn plants in the rice field.

He brings approximately 40 liters of bio-slurry on a jerry can with his motorcylcle everyday to the rice field. The improved production of his plants ever since he uses bio-slurry has even motivated him further. According to him, bio-slurry provides positive impact on his crops, for example, increased leaf size of Indian mustard and water spinach, greener leaf color, bigger stem, and improved soil conditions.

All of his 1,000 corn crops have also demonstrated an improved growth since being treated with bio-slurry, including greener leaf color and stem even though the harvesting period is near. After using bio-slurry, he is able to reduce the consumption of chemical fertilizers down to 50 percent. It is undeniable that this latest development has helped him to save some expenditures in fertilizer’s procurement. In addition to the cost saving, the quality of his agricultural production has also improved.

27 March 2018