More Economical with Domestic Biogas, and Improved Household Economy

All of these are elaborated by a housewife who earns her livelihood by producing cookies or snacks marketed in the local village, some of the buyers even come from the neighboring village.  This household industry has been developed for quite sometime and independently by Mrs. Hj. Asma.

From this endeavor, she manages to earn a revenue between Rp 1,500,000 to Rp 2,000,000.  Especially during the wedding season, she normally receives order for cakes as well as other types of baking products.

Mrs. Hj. Asma, a resident of Bonto Cinde Village, Bissappu Subdistrict, Bantaeng District, South Sulawesi considers the present of Domestic Biogas a great help as it reduces the expenses of LPG purchases.

According to her, she normally consumes between 5 to 7 cylinders of 3-kg LPG on a weekly basis for cooking purposes and to support her business.  Mrs. Hj. Asma then constructed a 4 m3 capacity biogas reactor and subsequently is relieved from having to purchase LPG which is relatively expensive in her village, around Rp 18,000 per cylinder.

On December 2015 during the celebration of 15,000th BIRU reactor construction in Indonesia, specifically in Pangalengan Village, Bandung District, West Java, the products of household industry from Bonto Cinde were exhibitied together with the spin-off of household industries supported by other biogas and bio-slurry (slurry sludge) in South Sulawesi, such as brown sugar and palm sugar from Bulukumba, liquid and solid organic bio-slurry fertilizers from Takalar and Maros districts.

27 March 2018