Allocation of Village Funds for Biogas Development in Sumba

Memorandum of Understanding between Rumah Energi Sumba and the government of Kataka Village, Kahaungu Eti Subdistrict, East Sumba District, had been signed on July 3, 2017.  The purpose of this collaboration to develop biogas utilization at domestic scale in the local village through the construction of 18, 6 m3-capacity reactor units.

The collaboration adopts a cost-sharing system (joint funding) between Rumah Energi Sumba and the village administratives through Village Fund Allocation, where the village administrative will bear majority of the costs for biogas construction material and Rumah Energi Sumba will bear the cost of items other than construction

The progress of biogas construction as of December 2017 was on the average at 40% for the entire reactors.  One unit of biogas reactor has been 100% completed, while the progress level of two other reactors have reached more than 90% followed by other reactors.  Rainy season has been quite a challenge to construction process in addition to such technical issues as delay in various equipment delivery.

Rumah Energi Sumba team is having a discussion with Kataka Village Head

However, the construction process continued to progress even though the above mentioned challenges have slowed down the construction process.  Collaboration in biogas development is complemented by commitment between Rumah Energi Sumba and village administrative which will continue to monitor, provide evaluation, and asses the quality standard as well as satisfaction level of biogas users.

The disbursement of Village Fund Allocation specifically was a breakthrough and an example for other villages that the village budget may be allocated to build biogas reactors as source of renewable, sustainable, and ecologically friendly energy.

Biogas application is integrated with agriculture through the utilization of bio-slurry and develop the economic value of bio-slurry derivatives.  This is expected to enable the improvement of the life quality and prosperity of the community.

7 February 2018