From Banking to Entrepreneur POC Bio M2 based on Bio-slurry

11 August 2020 Success Story 0 Comment

Corawali, Barebbo District, Bone Regency Idham Tamrin got to know biogas when he was the Head of the Bank Mandiri Branch in Manado. He received suggestions from his superiors about CSR programs that he could do, one of which was biogas. This suggestion was conveyed to him because it was […]

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Orchids Blossom in the Middle of the Pandemic: Physiological and Morphological Responses of Dendrobium Orchids to Liquid Bioslurry

30 May 2020 BIRU Updates 0 Comment

Written by: Jihan A. As-sya’bani Technical Field Assistant | Rumah Energi Orchid, a family of plants classified as Orchidaceae, is well known as one of the flowers that many people like because it is easy to care for and does not require extra attention to the flower. Among the […]

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