Gas Valve

Gas valve is installed in the pipeline to regulate the flow of gas to the stove. This will help achieve an optimum gas usage. Biogas in the pipeline will reach high pressure (indicated by the pressure gauge) when bio-slurry is overflowing in the outlet, which means the gas dome is completely filled with gas. Pressure will drop along with usage of gas. Flow of gas will vary according to gas pressure.

Stove efficiency depends on the pressure and flow of gas. In order to maintain high efficiency, gas pressure and flow rate must be adjusted as needed. This adjustment can be done by using the gas valve.

A leak in the gas valve may occur due to wear and tear of the rubber seal. The seal should be lubricated regularly and must remain in a dry condition at all times. Engine oil or any other lubricants can be used. The valve must be checked regularly to ensure it is not too tight or too loose. Gas valves used in biogas units must have approval from the IDBP.

20 February 2020