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Koperasi Peternak Sapi Bandung Utara (KPSBU)

Koperasi Peternak Sapi Bandung Utara (The Milk Cooperative of North Bandung) based in Lembang District, about 15 km northern Bandung. Established on 8 August 1971, the KPSBU formerly had only 35 persons as its members. Today, the number grew into 8000 members. The KPSBU Lembang includes business of credit savings, milk trade, providing fodder (known as MAKO food), nursery and medical treatment to animals, as well as trade business. Apart from such business activities, the cooperative management also actively promote the cattle raisers to develop home biogas (BIRU) reactors. Now they have seen directly the benefit of biogas for cooking, lighting and fertilizer.

Training for the BIRU constructors was firstly delivered on 24 October 2009 at the residence of the KPSBU chief, H. Dedi Setiadi. The training was facilitated by Hivos, attended by 15 builders and 3 supervisors coming from the KPSBU Lembang area. Later, the Rabo Foundation passed biogas credit assistance through KPSBU in an amount of IDR4.5 billion to build 1000 units of BIRU reactors in August 2010. After having the credit assistance, number of cattle raisers building BIRU increased, so that more than 20 reactors are built per month. Until November 2011, there have been more than 300 BIRU reactors built in the KPSBU area.

Address : Kompleks Pasar Panorama Lembang, Bandung, Jawa Barat
Phone : 022- 2786198
Fax. : 022- 2786431