Benefits of Bio-Slurry

Benefits of Bio-Slurry

  1. Soil conditioner as it contains 1020% of humic acid.
  2. Comprehensive nutrition and high quality.
  3. Pro-biotic microbial-derived bioactivator which is the food source of earth worms.
  4. Phytohormones or plant growth substance.
  5. May serve as pesticide and organic fungicide.
  6. Good mixing materials for vermicompost fertilizer, bokashi fertilizer, mushroom culture media, pond fertilizer, and fish and eel feedstuff.

Bio-Slurry Management

Once it has left the outlet, liquid bio-slurry may be precipitated or left alone in a covered reservoir pit for a minimum of one week to reduce or eliminate gases harmful both for plants and livestock. For solid use (dry), bio-slurry is recommended to be left dried naturally (protected from direct sunlight exposure) for a minimum of 40 days.

Utilizing the Bio-slurry in the Yard and the Field

Liquid bio-slurry (wet) may be immediately used for fertilizer in the house yard which require only small amount. When required for the use in the field in a sizable amount, liquid bio-slurry may be transported via a vehicle. For a hilly ground or slope, use solid bio-slurry or the ones which have been composted to facilitate the handling and transport. Bio-slurry may be directly applied or liquefied with water with a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2.

Bio-slurry may be directly applied if it is odorless and contain a small amount or none of the gas bubbles.

Bio-slurry Application

Sprinkling and spraying of fertilizers may be done on farming ground by using liquid bio-slurry (wet) or solid (dry) or a mixture of both:

  1. Solid bio-slurry is applied by spreading during soil processing and mid-growing season.
  2. Liquid bio-slurry is applied by pouring it in each hole when mulch is in use or sprayed between the plots or plants.