Become BIRU Construction Partner

In implementing the BIRU programme, YRE is collaborating with Construction Partner Organizations (CPOs) operating in BIRU target areas in eight provinces: West Java, East Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, Bali, Nusa Tenggara Barat (Lombok & Sumbawa), South Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara Timur (Sumba) and Lampung. To become a CPO, an organization must be a legal entity and has adequate technical capacity to perform the work. Partner organizations or agencies can be a foundation or be other non-profit agencies such as NGOs, limited liability companies, cooperatives, associations, etc. Individuals are not eligible to become a BIRU construction partner.

The basic requirements to become BIRU Construction Partner Organizations include
  1. Being an institution or organization with legal status and having a bank account in the name of the institution (account on the name of an individual not accepted).
  2. Committed to building the biogas market in the region
  3. Have the same working area with the BIRU programme
  4. Have an adequate number of construction workers
  5. Have a business plan to construct at least 100 biodigester units in the first year
  6. Willing to comply with BIRU requirements and ensure standards of biogas reactors are built in accordance with BIRU standards
  7. Ready to sign a cooperation agreement with YRE, as the BIRU programme implementer
Mechanism to become BIRU CPO
  1. Potential partner institutions express interest to becoming BIRU construction partners to YRE
  2. BIRU conducts a selection process and checks the validity of prospective partner institutions according to current procedures and informs the potential partner of the result of the assessment
  3. If the partnership is approved, BIRU will send a draft partnership agreement to the prospective partner and a template of a business plan document to be filled in by the partner. The prospective partner is given a maximum of two weeks to study the agreement and provide a response.
  4. The signing of the participation agreement between YRE and the construction partner organisation (CPO) and discussions about the partnership implementation
Rights and Obligations as CPO

By becoming CPO, your organisation is entitled to receive capacity building training for construction workers in accordance with the needs of the partner in achieving construction targets, financial support for promotional activities and informational and education materials for the promotion and training on operations and maintenance for users as well as the use of bio-slurry.

As CPO, your organization must provide services to BIRU users and maintain the quality of the reactor according to the BIRU standards. All rights and obligations will be determined in detail in the participation agreement.

Interested to become BIRU partner?

Send email to [email protected] or contact BIRU office in the region closest to your work area. BIRU office addresses can be found here. Not all requests to become BIRU partners can be fulfilled. BIRU has the full right to refuse the application of potential partners if the partnership is considered not to contribute to the progress of the programme