BIOMIRU Maintenance

Having BIOMIRU as a daily energy producer is a strategy to use sustainable energy technology. Apart from the fact that the energy produced is more efficient and cleaner, BIOMIRU also addresses carbon emissions reduction through processing organic kitchen waste. This sentence is not to mention environmental pollution caused by unmanaged organic kitchen waste in urban environments.

The BIOMIRU construction is similar to the fixed-dome construction. The differences are material, size, and capacity. For the model and how it works is almost the same. Likewise, the maintenance system is also similar to the fixed-dome, namely with daily maintenance that is not complicated.

Even the level of risk of leakage is similar, namely at the pipe connection points. Because if there is a leak point even a little, the fermentation process in the tube will not run well, and gas cannot be produced.

If there is damage in less than a year, the RESCO (Renewable Energy Service Corporation) team that is in charge of the field team can come to repair it because BIOMIRU has a one-year guarantee for the faulty installation.