Success Story

Small Birds Producing a Big Benefit

Last week I had the opportunity to meet Pak Suyanto living in Borongan Village, in the Polanharjo subdistrict of Klaten located in Central Java. Pak Suyanto is a biogas user with a great success story that all began from his decision to use biogas 10 months ago. When I first heard that we were visiting a user who runs his entire biogas reactor off quail dung alone I thought, how could he possibly collect enough dung to create enough biogas for his household?

More Economical with Domestic Biogas, and Improved Household Economy

All of these are elaborated by a housewife who earns her livelihood by producing cookies or snacks marketed in the local village, some of the buyers even come from the neighboring village.  This household industry has been developed for quite sometime and independently by Mrs. Hj. Asma.

Village-owned Enterprise Successfully Processes Bio-slurry Based Fertilizer

In conjunction with improving the financial capacity of Weducai Village Administration, Pammana Subdistrict, Wajo District, South Sulawesi Province, Sejahtera Desa Wecudai Village-owned Enterprise has been established.  The presence of this Village-owned Enterprise shall play the roles in community development and potential development and assets in the village with the purpose of improving the prosperity of its people through various community-based economic activities.  One of the unit under this Sejahtera Desa Village-owned Enterprise is Organic Fertilizer Processing.

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