Yayasan Rumah Energi was established in 2012 to give a response to the need for better access to affordable food and energy and to address unsustainable use of fossil fuels and the impact of climate change, helping people to get a better grip on their natural resources.

A professional and dedicated team of 50 staff members working in 10 provinces of Indonesia is providing supervision and guidance to over 80 partner organizations working towards the same goal: developing and promoting renewable energy as a solution for enhanced food and energy security.

In the limited time span of its 2-years existence Yayasan Rumah Energi has proven its reliability towards its donors, stakeholders and beneficiaries and it has become an accepted partner of the Indonesian government and various donors in addressing energy access issues. Satisfaction rates of beneficiaries are high as proven by the annual external surveys and the strong monitoring and evaluation systems of the organization provide high levels of accountability to donors, government, beneficiaries and other stakeholders. The main ambition of YRE is to become a key actor in the development of the renewable energy sector of Indonesia.


Contribute to the improvement of the welfare of Indonesian men and women through the introduction, implementation and management of programmes aimed at improving social welfare and human development (including energy and food security), the improvement of livelihoods and the improvement of social, economic and cultural status.


A world in which all people, women, men and children have equal access to food, water, energy and other human basic needs


  • Support Indonesian families by facilitating and enhancing access to new and renewable energy and contribute to improved food security
  • Encourage the Indonesian sovereignty in food and energy security in general