About Yayasan Rumah Energi


Rumah Energi works for Indonesian community by being a national organization which focuses on developing and disseminating the renewable energy application. Since November 2012, Rumah Energy has been consistently introducing and marketing household-scale biogas through BIRU (Domestic Biogas) program in collaboration with 50 partners (Limited partnership (CV), NGO, Cooperatives, or Joint Community Enterprise) in 10 provinces throughout Indonesia.

Through implementation of its various programs, Rumah Energi has proven to the Indonesian people that biogas technology is highly effective to improve:
1. Community access to clean energy,
2. Access to high quality organic fertilizers,
3. Access to multi purpose waste processing facility.

Target achievement to biogas technology adoption will exemplify roadmap for Rumah Energi to adapt to encourage other renewable energy sectors such as Solar Home System.

Our Vision:
“Resilient Society in Energy and Foods”

“Engaging People Towards Shared Renewable Energy Innovation and Knowledge”

Core Values Rumah Energi:

1. Green
We practice and promote energy conservation and turn waste into renewable energy.

2. Family
We strive to create a working environment where people respect and trust each other to achieve their highest potential. In our business we put first fairness and accountability.

3. Quality and Innovation
We are passionate to discover and implement creative solution to deliver high-quality service & positive impact.

4. Financial
We strive to be financially resilient, fundraising ideas will be explored and implemented in the way that comply with government rule and restore the organization mission.